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January 29, 2009

Oh great, not another chore!

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Yo! Sup?

Today is pretty a hard day…
Well, I asked my mom to buy me a BB Gun. And she said okay. BUT in one condition :(.
I have to do chores for every week until next month…That’s pretty long! -_-
So I don’t like it. And I got a plan….I’ll sell my BB Gun and give the money to my mother. But she will still ask me to do chores. But the good thing is
that it’s only for 3 days! But the chores are REALLY HARD. I have to take care of my wild little brother, feed him milk and do what babysitters do
when my mom and dad is out for their dinner tonight. To bad, I also got 1 MORE chore. Which is… CUT MY MOM’S GARDEN GRASS AND MY NEIGHBOURS GRASS!!!
That’s what I always hate HATE! So how will I survive tomorrow? That’s my BIG question…


Go to metaRL!

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Hey guys, Always wanted to get free WoW game card? Runescape game card?
Well all you gotta do is go to and earn points! You can ship in Gaia gold too! FREE!!!


January 25, 2009

Teohkay wants a favor :)

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Hey guys…go to and vote for TEOHIVAN It Means Alot To Me If You Vote !
Even though this site is not about Club Penguin, I just need a favor 🙂 If you vote, This really means alot to me!

Just a short message ma’ dudes!


My phone call conversation(pretty funny)

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Sup ma’ dudes?

Ok, here’s a phone call conversation with my friend 😀

Me: Hello, who is this?
My friend: Its ME!!!
Me: Huh , so sound like my friend…IS THAT YOU BRYAN!!!???!!!
My friend: TOTALLY!!!! LONG TIME NO SEE!!!!!
Me: Ok, chill a bit man….
My friend: Guess what, I got an XBOX FOR CHRISTMAS!!!
Me: Holy cow…
My friend: Yea… Wanna come over to my place?
Me: Sure but maybe at around 4:30.p.m
My friend: Why?
Me: Because, I gotta wait till’ my bicycle is fixed…Got a flat tire…
My friend: Aww man…look at that baby…for a flat tire….
Me: Dude, Jake stop interrupting our conversation!!(Jake is Bryan’s brother)
* phone slammed down and conversation over*

Then at that time my mind was like “Weird maniacs…”


January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese….Ox year!

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Hey guys, It’s Chinese New Year, and it’s a really fun month for the Chinese. We received “Red Packets” so called “Ang Pao” which has money in it.
If you’re not married, you still can receive “Ang Pao” but you can’t give people “Ang Pao”.

Well, today was a REALLY busy day.I had to help my mother bake cookies and decorate the WHOLE HOUSE. But the exciting thing is that next week, Chinese NEW YEAR STARTS AND A 1 WEEK HOLIDAY!

~”Gong Xi Fa Chai”


January 20, 2009

Jumpz Back xD

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Long time no see people..I know I havent been posting but I was really busy with my life and I am very sick now. Some of you might have noticed that I added a new admin here. This admin will be demoted to editor cause I dont trust people 😛 .

Now I am back to post and I am really surprised by my hits which were very low and now they are way to high. I used to get less than 10 and now I get over 500! We are gonna reach 50,000! How good is that!

Another reason I havent been posting is, I have been playing a game called “Pet Society” on Facebook. Its really interesting to play. So I got addicted to it 😀 and I am trying my best to be number 1 in it.  The game is for people above 13, although it looks like a game for a kid of 3 years age.

So get ready. Shorty is back to buisness.


January 18, 2009

Yo bros! New Admin!

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Hey guys!

I’m Teohkay (Nickname). The new admin here! I’ll be posting alot of times.But not schooling days only weekends. 😦

Anyways, I’ll posting about my daily life and I’m here to help Shorty too!

My story today: Today was pretty creepy…I felt sick but I’m not and my back teeth hurts…Ugh…I don’t like that feeling it’s like someone is pushing it all the time…:(

Well, feel welcomed to check this website out because it’ll be loaded of posts!

My BIO: Name: (Too personal for me hehe)
Age: 11(WOOT)
Hobby: Badminton and hanging out with the computer(xD)

That’s all I can say!


December 20, 2008

Oh Great

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This month is really startign to be a tough month. I really dont understand why I always get bad luck in December. Its the last month of the year thats why? No way. I like havign it last cause its winter and it starts a new year which is a very good  day to see fireworks and enjoyment. And it even has the national day of where I live. On the 2nd of December. It even has Christmas, but here ( in uae ) it really doesnt feel that christmas is coming. It doesnt snow but it is way too cold.

Once a man told a small boy ” Child, remember this…Never marry…” and the boy replied ” Yes, I will tell my children not to marry too…” <—  What do you understand by that? The answer is “Nothing”.

Have you ever heard of the rapper “Birdman?’.  Have you ever heard of the rapper “Lil Wayne?” , Do you see any relation between them? If you like rappers you would know that Lil Wayne is the son of Birdman. And Lil wayne got a son called “Lil Carter III” . How does it feel like to have a rapper family? Amazing! You’ll be stinking rich!



Have any of you been to Australia?

Australia is an awesome place to visit, you can enjoy life with peace there! It has tons of amazing places for tourists.

Have you ever been to UAE?

Well, of course some of you live in UAE, its going to be called another world soon. And I live near an island thats just open to tourists, its called “Sir Bani Yas” its awesome, it has a five star hotel too!


Feeling cold? Lets have a drink…


Eats Chips…


December 13, 2008

Dubai Dolphaniruim.

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Dubai…Another world…takes to you to a park…a park called “The Creak Park”.

I visited the Creak Park since it was boring  and I was amazed by how the park was designed. Here is what the park contained.

1. 4 main gates.
2. Tons of popcorn and other stuff shops.
3. A Space adventure discovery for kids.
4. 2 and 4 seater cycles to drive in the park.
5. A Beach
6. Liftchair ( The one thats up in the air 😛 )
7. A warm place to have a Barbeque party.
8. And finally A Dolpanniruim!

So today we are gonna talk about number “8” in the above list. The Dolphaniruim is called “The Dubai Dolphaniruim” which contained 3 dolphains with names and 4 seals with names who perform amazing tricks, sing songs, dance, play game, and enjoy with you! Entering the huge air conditioned room costed me 100Dhs (15$) But the show was amazing. Here is what the Dolphains performed.

1. Made huge jumps.
2. Jumped over rings.
3. Jumped over 4 meter high to touch a ball.
4. Played Volleyball.
5. Played Basketball.
6. Played football.
7. Brushed their teeth.
8. Played with rings.
9. Kicked the ball with different tricks.
10. Dances Breakdance!

It was so much fun, The room was dark and suddenly the dolphains came jumping from one place to another. Their tricks were amazing! People had cameras in their hands and you could hardly take pictures cause the seats were in the splash zone were the water comes on you if the dolphains jumped. One good thing I notices was that everytime they perform a trick they eat fish before doing it 🙂 .

Then once again the lights went off and another door opened and the seals jumped on! They were in different ages. And they performed stuff on the stage not in the water. And heres what they did.

1. Played with rings.
2. Danced with the women on the stage.
3. Kissed the women on the stage.
4. Sang a song.
5. Danced alone too!

Here are some pictures :




Well thats all!
Please comment and Subscribe to my youtube –>


December 11, 2008

Back from holidayz.

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I have been on holidays for a week and I was’nt posting. But now I am back and I will try to post as much as possible. Well while I was on holiday, it wasnt really like a holiday. It was just like a break from home or school to another city. Well I went to Dubai in United Arab Emirates. We visited lots of places and I bought lots of  clothes and stuff. We went to the new mall,  called the Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Mall open its gates to public on the 1st of November 2008. The public was really amazed by its decoration and designing. I heard of it from friends and newspaper. And forced my parents to go there.  On the way to Dubai Mall, we had lost our way and with lots of difficulty we reached there.

The Dubai Mall is built right beside the tallest tower of the world ( Burj Dubai ) . The tallest tower is not finished yet, it just needs a little bit of finishing. It has 160 floors and it reaches the clouds easily ( I made a video of it and i will soon upload it ). The Mall is not finished too. It just made two of the most amazing things and its still working on the third.

Entering the dubai mall… We reached the dubai mall and it took us about 15 minutes to find ourselves a parking. Once we got one, we entered the mall and we were on the parking floor. We took an elevator to the second floor which had the BIGGEST AQUARIUM OF THE WORLD.

The biggest aquarium of the world is in the Dubai mall. It is built from the ground floor till the top floor and it had every fish of the world. Most of the fish are sharks. It also has a Discovery point, where you see a particular fish in a small aquarium and you can read information about it. We were amazed when we entered the tunnel, which is something round and you enter and you could see all water around you stopped by strong glass.

After we finished from the aquarium, we looked for the second thing built in the mall. Which was the ice rink, yes the ice rink. It is not the biggest but  it awesome! Then we had to leave back to our hotel.

Note : This post is only about one of the great adventures of my holiday.
Note 2 : Next post will be about the only 7 star hotel of the world.
Note 3 : Third post comes out when this post gets 10 comments.


December 5, 2008

Hey Everyone!

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Hi, I’m Hanna and I’m going to be posting here from now on. I am Shorty’s friend and he invited me over here to post with him. 🙂 Won’t that be fun? I, too, have a blog. It is called HLGS – A Multipurpose Blog. I post random things there and sometimes, topics about Club Penguin! I’ll be working here from now on, too so expect cool topics in the future. Well that’s pretty much it.. See ya.


November 30, 2008

Back…No more exams

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Ok…I know I was not posting, that was cuase I had exams. And when I have exams, I’m not allowed to sit on the pc. But the exams werent very difficult. So, when this post gets 10 comment i will start posting.

COMMENT ON what do you think my next post sould be.


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